Madame Lake: Speaking for the Future

Mrs. Lake

About Madam Lake

Mrs. H. S. Lake was a 19th century spiritualist who was not only a great psychic, but also an exceptional woman.  She was the first pastor of the Spiritual Temple in Boston and a great reformer who traveled the country speaking out for women's rights.

Why I made this site

As a spiritualist and trance medium myself, H. S. Genevra Lake has always been a great inspiration to me. It is a shame that more people don't know who she was and the remarkable life she led. I hope you'll find this website informative and I also hope her inspiring messages will resonate with you.

Madam Lake predicted that Science and Spirituality will not always be seen as opposing forces, but rather as two parts of a greater whole. And the fulfillment of that prophecy is fast approaching!

About me
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